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The Guardian Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria is a popular and respected news publishing company in Nigeria that prints news reports daily on newspapers and on the web.. It offers mainly local news about Nigeria and also global news. The site features a coule of useful catogiries such as Sports, Business, Compulife, Property, Opinion, Classifieds and so on.

It was established sometime in 1983 by Mr Alex Ibru and Stanley Macebuh. The first paper which started as a weekly was first published on 22 February 1983 while daily publication began on the 4th of July 1983.

The Guardian has a slogan which says: "Conscience nurtured by truth"

Nigeria is a West African country with the largest population in Africa. The Guardian Nigeria has a growing number of readers which runs into millions.

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  • ABDUL MATEEN on 07:53:21 21/08/16: I read 'GUARDIAN' for it balanced reporting
  • Bill Tan on 05:07:45 14/02/16: The newspaper is the best in term speed and accuracy.
  • M.R.Kazmi on 12:48:11 03/11/15: Excellent news paper which keeps me in touch with the world.
  • Kathleen McClure on 13:39:50 24/08/15: I'm a reader from Canada and read news on the site almost everyday. Well-written and interesting everyday.
  • F. Tomasson Jannuzi, Professor Emeritus, UT Austin on 09:19:25 06/08/15: I greatly value your reporting, especially these days on US. news. I've read the Guardian since my salad days at the London School of Economics back in the 1950s.
  • oludayo akinwunmi on 06:44:03 10/06/15: kwara state university (kwasu) wants the graduate to pay the sum of 45,000 thousand naira for hostel fees that student didn't acquire before they can be cleared. Please we want you to come to our rescue to save us from being fraud. I hereby claim to be annonimity
  • sunday oyeniyi john on 00:11:46 31/12/14: The paper is best among equals why because since the time l was in the secondary school,l had been hearing guardian newspaper with its sound objectivity in term of reportage of even as its unfolding both locally and internationally.At rutam house therefore,unbiased reporting and well-researched stories with a view to ascertain the authenticity or otherwise of the fact which is the hallmark of journalism as preached by mcdogal in his book."Fact are sacred,comments are free.So,guardian news paper,keep it up.
  • olafisoye jickson on 10:28:37 26/10/14: Please post to me Job vacancies in the news paper.
  • Jonathan Oyegun on 06:10:49 23/05/14: Thanks for your daily information.
  • ogunromo olanrewaju on 17:10:08 25/03/14: Send current vacancy to me
  • lynda nwakaeze on 11:32:20 07/10/13: send me news update
  • Mr Frankline on 09:39:08 16/08/13: Wel dis newspaper is good,d language used there is simple & steady.
  • onwubiko wilson on 16:32:45 28/05/13: the guardian news paper is the best, the only relaible source for an authentic and accurate information one can get in the country so far. truly its a conscience nutured by truth according to their motor.
  • Olanrewaju M. Sodipe on 01:06:27 23/05/13: I respect this newspaper a lot for many reasons, including unbiased reporting, well researched and intelligent editorial, detailed coverage of stories it chooses to report amongst others. Keep it up.
  • Apostle Dr Chukwuemeka George on 15:06:27 24/04/13: Guardian newspaper Nigeria is an intellectual inclined news paper,not only in the style of report age but also in delivering content the way it is-I love it but My father loved it first.

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